ELTSA Annual Conference 2018

Friday 29/6/18 was the inaugural conference for the East Lancashire Teaching School Alliance held at The Dunkenhalgh.

Proceedings were opened by Stephen Cox NLE, headteacher at Ribblesdale who challenged delegates to use the day to reflect, Stephen included video footage of ELTSA teachers from across our Alliance sharing why they love to teach.

Dame Alison Peacock was the first keynote who shared her passion for the profession and  how we as professionals can make the future, looking at learning without limits and transformability.  Alison shared the work of the chartered College and the work the college has been involved in to date including Chartered Teacher status, research informed pedagogy and the hubs led by teachers for teachers.  The Hollins is starting a CCT Oracy network in the autumn term, please contact us for more information.

Delegates had a choice of  eight different workshops to take part in during the next 3 sessions:

  1. Designing a curriculum to tackle deprivation

How do we give working class children middle class experiences? How do we do this in the school day while tackling academic underachievement and delivering a curriculum that makes them gcse ready? Witton Park HS share their new curriculum model designed to do just that.  The school have changed the day to embed skills and resilience training aimed at preparing their students to utilise everything they have at their disposal.

  1. I Achieve

In the BBL region it is the open bucket that has one of the lowest scores in P8. What can teachers do about this? I-achieve share how their online learning platform supports delivery of subjects in the open bucket and share the impacts they have had to date

  1. Science Learning Partnership

In BBL the EBacc bucket scores the lowest for progress 8.  The Science Learning Partnership share how STEM Ambassadors can support your school.

  1. Mermaids

Under the equality act 2010 any young person has a right to be addressed as whichever gender they identify as regardless of any diagnosis or medical intervention and irrespective of age. Mermaids  have a number of resources that identify the responsibility you have as a school towards these pupils and your duty of care. This workshop provides an introduction to how you can support a trans child as a teacher.

  1. Girls on Board

Happier girls do better.  Ask any teacher of girls what happens when the girls fall out and they will all react in the same way.  “Girls on Board” looks at practical ways you can support girls in your school, allowing them to negotiate friendship issues and focus on doing well.  This is a taster session and ELTSA will be hosting the “Girls on Board” champion training for schools in September

  1. Lessons Learned

Burnley High School have moved from cpd to Jpd and part of that journey has been a forensic evaluation of teaching and learning using the package “lessons learned”.  Emma Starkey AHT shares the journey and will demonstrate the impacts of using this online package

  1. Thinkers in Education

How To Use Gamification & HOT Skill Mapping To Engage & Stretch

When context, questioning style, pace and challenge level are carefully combined in a competition style lesson – pupils significantly raise their game.  Explore strategies and techniques to apply before and during your lessons by experiencing it for yourself.

A ‘hands-on workshop’ with Matt Hackett, Founder of Thinkers in Education

  1. Ynot aspire

This charitable organisation will share their work and will give schools ideas about how to engage with parents and the wider community to improve well-being and outcomes.  Ynot Aspire have been able to show impact in Hyndburn with a  74% reduction in first-time entrants to the criminal justice system and a  38% reduction in reported youth-related anti-social behaviour  in the borough in the last 4 years.  They are now working with schools on prevention and early intervention projects for young people’s mental health.


Feedback from delegates was overwhelmingly positive and we are very grateful to the workshop facilitators.

Comments included:

“all sessions were excellent”

“some great ideas to share”

“excellent speakers and sessions”

“keynote speakers were inspiring and passionate”


The second keynote speaker was Jason Bangbala, Jason is a real favourite in ELTSA schools and he shared his excellent rules for effective behaviour management in an entertaining, engaging and memorable way. Jason has already been booked by the ELTSA ITT board to deliver a session to all ITTs in January.

Delegates said:

“I have been remotivated and inspired to change T and L in my school”

“it was a well-run course.  Everything seemed really well thought through and organised.  The sessions were well-run.  Jason was fantastic”

“I just wanted to thank you and say well done for the conference on Friday. I can imagine the time that has gone into organising such an event. I’ve already had the two members of staff I brought with me email me over the weekend to say how much they enjoyed it and how worthwhile it was attending. As was mentioned during, the day the more collaboration that can take place between schools can only be a good thing for both the staff involved and pupils they teach.”