Mark Jackson – Headteacher, Haslingden High School

I have worked exclusively within Lancashire throughout my career, teaching in five secondary schools across the county.  I have been privileged to work in some fantastic schools, diverse in nature, but all successful and focussed on the very best outcomes for all students.

I was appointed Head of Mathematics in 1990 at what is now Archbishop Temple School, and was promoted to the senior leadership team in 1994, seeing the school transform over my ten years there into one of the highest achieving, non-selective schools in the country. I spent four years at deputy headteacher at Fearns Community Sports College, before being appointed as Headteacher at The Hollins Technology College, Accrington. The school was judged ‘Good’ with outstanding features in both Ofsted inspections during my headship and In 2011 The Hollins was reported as achieving the best ‘value-added’ results in Lancashire.

In 2010 I was asked to return to Archbishop Temple School as Executive Headteacher, in charge of both schools for a year, to support the Archbishop Temple at a very difficult time for them. In 2011 I was appointed headteacher of Haslingden High School and Sixth Form, the largest maintained school in Lancashire. During the calendar year 2011 I led three different schools in three different terms. This was invaluable experience, leading three excellent, but very different organisations.

At Haslingden High School I furthered by passionate belief that educating the whole child is at the heart of all we do. The school strives to achieve excellent examination results and provide an extensive range of opportunities outside the classroom for students to pursue their individual interests and aspirations. In 2014 I was appointed an NLE and have supported a number of schools over the last four years, currently working with a school in special measures in Bradford.

I have been a member of the Association of School and College Leaders National Council since 2006 and the opportunity to work nationally, to shape vision, influence policy and work with outstanding colleagues from across the country has proved an invaluable experience both personally and professionally. I have served on a large number of local authority boards and committees over recent years and currently sit on the School’s Forum.

Despite the huge challenges facing the profession, not least in terms of changing accountability measures, qualification and curriculum reform, acute teacher shortages in some subject areas and a huge lack of resources I never lose sight of what a privileged position I hold and my passion to improve the life chances of every student in my school never wavers. The role of an NLE provides opportunities to work in other schools, and in my experience so far, this has always provided mutual benefits.