A large part of our work as a Teaching School is the effective deployment of our NLEs and SLEs to provide support and development to other schools.  Sometimes this is subject expertise for a department who are new to a specification, for a single teacher department to provide moderation of assessments and development of pedagogy, it could be a review of whole school safeguarding, behaviour, the curriculum or teaching and learning.

This year we have been very busy supporting schools across the North West and have since Christmas been providing support to a school who were placed in Special Measures in May last year.  The school has had its first monitoring visit and we are delighted to share with you their success and the impacts our support has had.

One of our SLEs Matt Renshaw has been seconded as an Associate Deputy Head for 1.5 days a week developing members of the SLT in the curriculum and timetabling:

A national teaching school has carried out an external review of the curriculum. The IEB has appointed an ADHT to ensure that leaders’ work in this area is completed effectively and has a positive impact on outcomes for pupils.”

Jennifer Wozniak SLE for Teaching and Learning undertook a review of Teaching and Learning and worked with the SLT to ensure CPD met the needs identified:

“teachers have also been able to benefit from effective support from external experts. For example, because of effective training, more teachers are making better use of questioning to develop pupils’ learning. “

Jane Downham, Chair of Governors at The Hollins, was appointed as Chair of the IEB to provide much needed support and challenge.

“The IEB provides a high level of challenge and support for senior leaders.”

Helen Dougan SLE for Safeguarding worked with the school’s DSL to carry out a review of safeguarding across the school.

“There have been external reviews of many aspects of the school, including external reviews of the curriculum, teaching and learning, safeguarding and attendance. These reviews have helped leaders to prioritise their actions appropriately and inform plans to improve the school.

All of this has been co-ordinated by Steve Campbell NLE who has provided on-going mentoring and coaching to the Headteacher.  The school leaders are recognised for taking effective action to ensure the removal of special measures. And the report concluded by saying:

“As a result, this wealth of external support is being effective in improving the school”

We are continuing to support the school on their journey to “outstanding” and are now providing support in Art and PE.  This support has enormously benefitted our own SLEs whose own leadership and practice has developed as a result.

School to school support is always collaborative and reciprocal.  If you would be interested in any of our team working in your school please get in touch.  You can read about our SLEs and NLEs by visiting www.eastlancstsa.co.uk

ELTSA Blog July 2018 – Reflection