“We are extremely grateful for the support and guidance Steve has given to SSA. Steve has been happy to share not only his own knowledge (which is vast) but also his colleagues expertise at his school. Our team have been in regular contact with staff at his school to help and support us through the curriculum/timetabling process. Steve has trained key staff in using Nova-T and they are now confident to utilise the programme to its full capacity.

In addition to this, Steve’s knowledge and experience have helped me. He would be an exceptional mentor and I have really enjoyed being able to turn to him for support”.  

Neil Reynolds Head of School SSA, June 2018


“the school has been through a challenging time and this audit was undertaken with professionalism and positivity.

The whole process was made very clear and communicated well before the audit was undertaken. Your presence throughout the day of the review had the necessary challenge but within a highly supportive framework. The subsequent report is of a high quality, it was great that you helped us to celebrate the positives as well as making our action points clear within a suggested timeframe.

I would have no reservations in recommending this safeguarding review to any school or organisation. It was value for money and will hugely contribute to moving our school forward.”

Local Headteacher after a Safeguarding Review

“Lita was brilliant on Friday and just what we needed – thanks for allowing this to happen.”

Feedback about Art SLE, Lita Keenan March 2019

“(Louise’s) skilful management, style and collaborative approach have lifted any fear for him (the HOD)  and we are pleased that we have a clear line of direction”

Feedback about Louise Stubbs following a Business Studies support visit July 2017